Slap City

  • Developer: Ludosity
  • Genre: Action, Indie
  • Version: beta
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Official information

Release Date Mar 5, 2018
Developer Ludosity
Publisher Ludosity
Genre Action, Indie
Language English
System PC
Version beta


Slap City: give a slap to the boredom

Ludosity Interactive is a well-known Swedish developer who specializes in creating indie titles that run the gaming world. The company has gamers community needs in mind so that the video gamers all over the world are somehow involved in creating and improving the final product. That is why an early access option is the constant feature of Ludosity games.

Meet their new title Slap City which is currently moved from Alpha to Early Access. If you previously played any of Ludosity games, you will find some good old mates in Slap City. Want to know more about this novelty? We have discovered a lot about it to satisfy your curiosity.

Fun core mechanics + colorful content = recognizable Ludosity style

As for now, Slap City is a platform fighter with seven playable characters and nineteen arenas. The game is continually developing so there’s a fat chance you’ll meet new characters and arenas in the nearest future. The developers promise that by the time of the full launch, Slap City will contain eight more characters and 24 stages extra. In addition to the online multiplayer mode, a full single player campaign is going to appear.

Slap City takes a fun core mechanics as a basis and colorful content as a powerful supplement. The graphics component makes Slap City exactly the game we are admiring so much.

For all the fans of Ludosity products, the visual appeal is mainly caused by the presence of the favorite characters. In Slap City, you will meet Princess Remedy, Goddess of Explosions, Ittle Dew, Jenny Fox, Business Casual Man, Masked Ruby, and Ultra Fishbunjin 3000. All of them are the Ludosity universe representatives from other games.

For example, Princess Remedy has already appeared as the main protagonist in Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt, and Princess Remedy in a Heap of Trouble as well as in Card City Nights. All of the named above characters are also a part of the Ludosity universe, so you could play any of them before.

With its remarkable characters and animated graphics, Slap City looks very promising in terms of visual performance. A variety of bright pixelated surroundings remind us about Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series with extra ridiculousness and even more fun. And it’s so unlikely you would like to leave this cartoonish world without discovering all the arenas and characters available!

Your opinion matters: change the game with your feedback

Fun and addictive, what more to say about Ludosity games? And Slap City is not an exception. This particular game, as all the recent Ludosity titles, has a lasting appeal and is fueled by the gamers creativity.

Fighting can be fun and non-violent at all - you will find this out in Slap City. Immerse entirely into local or online multiplayer mode and slap your way through it.

This smash-like game has its unique atmosphere which you, dear players, have the power to adjust. In Slap City streamlined platform fighter, there are inbuilt tools that send your replays and analytical data to help the developers identify the problems and discover new cool combos. So by playing and giving your feedback, you can significantly change the future fate of the game.

Developed to bring you joyful and silly gaming experience, Slap City focuses on creating new content due to players needs. Takes too long to die? The developers will help you do it faster — die by exploding into confetti and bones. Want a 3D smearing for your characters? Get it to see all the characters’ moves in dynamic.

Ludosity also focuses on collecting content for a new single-player mode where you will be able to learn more about each character. So every feedback matters and plays an essential role in developing the game.

Except for getting silly and adventurous mood from playing, you also feel involved in something great and significant. And the latter fact means a lot in terms of creating the unique Slap City atmosphere.

Get all the fun from multiplayer battling and slap balling!

1 GB of RAM, 500 MB of free disk space, Windows 7 or later operating system — and you are prepared for the unique gaming experience from Slap City. In addition to amazing graphics, adventurous mood, and the players’ involvement in content development, you get a challenging multiplayer component. It makes the game genuinely addictive, and let’s find out why.

In Slap City’s multiplayer mode named Battle, you can play online or locally with up to four players. In this mode, you also get plenty of available modes and options to try. The most successful moments can be saved with the replay option.

There’s also a competitive mode without fighting which is called Slap Ball! You will need to form a kind of basketball team and play with an opponent. Here you can recover from some battle damage and hit the opponent with masterful ball handling.

Mix these two modes and compete with friends to get even more satisfactory gaming experience.

In the best traditions of weirdness

Slap City as an early access game can’t boast with a big amount of existing content or immaculate mechanics. But we can see all these features in germ and moreover, we can take part in creating new content and developing all the game aspects. Ludosity Industries is deeply interested in customers feedbacks and want to improve its products together with the gamers. So by playing Slap City on Early Access, you help the game faster become a Gold master.

If you are a fan of Ludosity universe, don’t miss this title! Slap City is one of the weirdest actual games with odd characters and adventurous gameplay. No doubt, it will win your heart if you don't mind some weirdness into your gaming life.



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