If someone says that all computer games are stupid, the best thing you can do is to show them a really stupid game. And then let them appreciate how smart in fact it is. Slap City is that kind.

The developers from Ludosity tried to do the most foolish and lightminded action game, based on platformer mechanics, but with graphics and tricks a sober mind can’t imagine. Nobody knows what stuff they were on while doing it; Leary bless them! They have already made a pack of kickass, psychedelic and funny games. Slap City brings their characters together.

So what do you live on in Slap City?

·         Slaps of most different kinds. Characters from other games bring their own skills and weapons. The cocktail we get is a real explosive.

·         Bright colors and crazy animations. There’s rarely a cartoon with such impossible transformations and deformations now.

·         Online and local multiplayer. It’s pure fun to have your friends (or complete strangers) playing with you (maybe) the most foolishly done game ever.

·         Logic? Physics? Common sense? Leave all this crap behind! Anything is possible and legal in Slap City!

·         Your computer is never too old for this hit. Even if it only runs Windows 7 with its 1 GB RAM.

·         Select the character you like best (like Business Casual Man, Masked Ruby, Ultra Fishbunjin 3000 and so on)

Though platformers are thought to be simple, that doesn’t mean easy.  This one has a complicated moves system, so you’ll need to cater to it to make your characters move the way you want them to.

You’ve never seen anything as trippy and funny in gaming. That’s the madness you can’t expect from majors; only indie developers are capable of this. We’re afraid even to imagine how they will blow our minds in updates that promise to bring new levels.                                                                                                                                                        

So, Ludosity, share what you abuse, and we’ll get into the right kind of mood for playing Slap City. And we will advertise it.