Slap City Characters Ittle Dew - the problem solver! Possessing looted every island in view, Ittle continues her search for adventure in Slap Metropolis. Though proficient in fixing puzzles with her fists, she's equally good at solving people. Ittle is a nimble all-around character who caters to a variety of playstyles, using a sizable assortment of weapons and tools. The woman bombs have a somewhat long fuse and can be safely sent traveling with any attack, but the explosion will also hurt herself. Most of her moves are of average strength and speed, thus, making them simply perfect for combos, while her aerial raft move easily slaps off-stage oppositions to the abyss. Masked Ruby - the combo beast! The mysterious Masked Ruby come to Slap City to attain the fame and fortune he clearly deserves. Sadly, he's quite forgettable. Disguised Ruby is a close up combat master with several quick moves that allow him juggle his competitors through the air. His / her strong attacks on typically the ground are similarly speedy, making up for their lack of projectiles, in addition to his triple-jumping ability suits his various aerial shenanigans. You won't find a suaver swordsman this side regarding the block. Jenny Fox - the axe throwing lunatic! Jenny Fox went on a vacation to Slap Metropolis as part of the woman anger management. It seems to be working, as she deals with to be angry all the time. Jenny Sibel has a selection of moves ranging from reasonably nasty to downright horrifying. Having perfected the art of ax throwing, she may also shape them through the air for multiple hits. Like there wasn't enough reason to keep your distance, the girl also has its own incredibly powerful throws if she deals with to land a grab. Her only weakness might be her low flexibility - or it would have been had she not brought a collection of disposable skateboards. Ultra Fishbunjin 3000 - Are you serious? What? No, hold up. Are usually you kidding me? This specific can't be legal. Fishbunjin may look slow at first, but some of his attacks give your pet incredible momentum, while others are surprisingly fast. Though his alarming bulk makes him a sizable target, his weight also makes him or her harder to send flying. What's more, several of his moves let him go right through projectiles, attacks, and faces without even flinching. That's just not right. Princess Remedy - a deluge of love and projectiles Typically the healing princess of Saturn arrives in Slap City to heal the ill and knock some sense into the rest!   Though she moves slowly, Cure has a variety of projectiles and explosives at her disposal. Several of the woman attacks have a remarkably long range thanks to her magical abilities, and it works out that a heeled boot to the face damages. Of course, she has a few ways to heal her teammates as well. Business Casual Man - dressed to kill! Each day is business laid-back day. Buy? Sell? Why not take a vacation instead?   Business Casual Man is in demand of the company card and he's not afraid to utilize it. Some of his moves earn him or her money, which is utilized to make other moves more powerful or cancel into each other. Between shooting himself like an gazelle and having a break in his office chair, nobody gets through the workday quite like Business Informal Man - whatever his job is. Goddess of Explosions - Subtlety is for wimps! Guess what happens this game needs? A lot more explosions.   The Goddess shrunk herself in size to be able to look for challenging, nevertheless can't resist taking hazards and toying ready enemies. Some of her moves affect her impetus, and some project explosions from various distances, so the lady has to get care not really to overshoot her targeted. She even contains a projectile that becomes deadlier typically the more it's punched to and fro by herself and the other combatants. Continue Reading