Playing Slap City is for certain type of persons:

·         You can enjoy it as foolish as it is

·         You don’t care what them bores say

·         You have a Steam account (or at least you won’t get lost creating it)

·         You’re always up for a good laugh

If you have four affirmatives, you’ll be good with claiming it in public. But don’t act like some activist nudniks shaming you for eating meat or caring too much about your appearance, or trying to tell you the truth about the Lord only they know. Speak of whatever, and your slapwear will bring the message.

·         Slap City caps. Don’t protect from slapping your head (unless very slight one), but claiming you’re ready to slap back.

·         Slap City T-shirts. Keep away unless you’re from Slap City too.

·         Slap City sweatshirts. The next level of how plastic your image can be.

Ask about size, price, and availability whenever you want via email. If we haven’t got what you need, you may come over and give us a good slap. But chances are you won’t have to.


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T-shirt Joke 100% Cotton T-shirt Joke 100% Cotton T-shirt Joke 100% Cotton T-shirt Joke 100% Cotton
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